Monday, April 8, 2013

Finally DIYing

Over the Easter weekend my parents came down to visit us in our new home in Bristol. Apart from being absolutely freezing, we had a good weekend. We started with dinner at Prosecco, a fabulous Italian restaurant in Clifton that has featured on one of Gordon Ramsey's shows. On Saturday we went shopping for jewellery for my mum to wear to the wedding, and bought some gorgeous Art Deco-esque pieces. The wedding was the activity of the day on Sunday.

Whilst my dad checked the final costings from our venue, my mum and I got out the guillotine and glue. We worked out how to do the pew end decorations, and made a really good start by making all the individual paper heart shapes (55 in total). Then we boxed them up and mum took them home to finish (thanks mum!).

The final draft of the order of service was approved (again a job for my Dad), and printing was going well until we started to run out of ink. More has been ordered and is on its way from amazon as I type!

And then we sat down, had a lovely roast dinner and some chocolate eggs. Because there wasn't much else to do. People keep asking Mum if she's really busy with wedding things, and she keeps saying no, not really. She is knitting cardigans, shortening dresses and planning the cake decorations, but apparently that doesn't make her busy! I haven't really had time to be busy(!) but I have managed to get an interview for the job I want. The interview is on the 24th, and the wedding is the 27th. I think that week I will be a whole new level of busy!

There are tasks that need to be done (in fact I should email the planner at our venue right now before I forget again), but there doesn't seem to be at many of them. Either I really have got everything done earlier than most brides, or I've forgotten a whole heap of things! I'll let you know on April 30th which one is true!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The one year wobble

This week the dress wobbles kicked in. From what I've read, having dress wobbles is not unusual. I would imagine that most brides have them earlier on in the planning process thou, rather than waiting until the last minute!

The wobble has been creeping up on me for a couple of weeks. I'm going to follow the well trodden path of blaming wedding blogs for sowing the seeds of doubt - there are just so many gorgeous dresses featured on the blogs, and what if mine isn't as nice? I have to say that the dresses I pine over are usually real wedding posts, not styled shoots or dress collections. I'm not sure whether I can simply relate to the brides better, or if it's more complicated than that. Maybe my aversion to strapless dresses puts me off?!

I don't think the wobble is based on anything other that not having seen The Dress for 2 months. I am very much hope that on Saturday, when I put The Dress on with all the accessories (and my hair will be done too) that the wobbles will go away. If they don't then mum and auntie J could be in for a fun evening!

The wobble got so bad on Friday that I called my mum (who has The Dress) to reassure me. It wasn't until I got a text from her this morning that I realised the significance of Friday - it was exactly one year since I'd ordered The Dress. Coincidence?