Sunday, April 7, 2013

The one year wobble

This week the dress wobbles kicked in. From what I've read, having dress wobbles is not unusual. I would imagine that most brides have them earlier on in the planning process thou, rather than waiting until the last minute!

The wobble has been creeping up on me for a couple of weeks. I'm going to follow the well trodden path of blaming wedding blogs for sowing the seeds of doubt - there are just so many gorgeous dresses featured on the blogs, and what if mine isn't as nice? I have to say that the dresses I pine over are usually real wedding posts, not styled shoots or dress collections. I'm not sure whether I can simply relate to the brides better, or if it's more complicated than that. Maybe my aversion to strapless dresses puts me off?!

I don't think the wobble is based on anything other that not having seen The Dress for 2 months. I am very much hope that on Saturday, when I put The Dress on with all the accessories (and my hair will be done too) that the wobbles will go away. If they don't then mum and auntie J could be in for a fun evening!

The wobble got so bad on Friday that I called my mum (who has The Dress) to reassure me. It wasn't until I got a text from her this morning that I realised the significance of Friday - it was exactly one year since I'd ordered The Dress. Coincidence?

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