Friday, August 10, 2012

Feeling a bit bitty

I've been trying to write a post for a few days, but between a bad week at work and trying to get ready to go away (we're going to Fiji today!) it's been hard to find the time. Then when I do find a few minutes, I stare at a blank screen and can't work out what to write!

We haven't achieved much wedding wise recently. My parents found some ties and pocket squares for the guys which sound like they were a bargain, so that's one thing done. My mum has also bought a dress (for her), but it might not be the right dress (watch this space, it hinges on the accessories)!

I'm racking my brains to see what else we've done. I think these last few weeks have been mainly about groundwork. We've done lots of googling and pinning and making short lists. This includes the song for our first dance (trying to find something that we like, that isn't soppy and is ok to dance to = quite hard), ideas for honeymoon destinations and invites.

The invites are not going to be finished any time soon. I've discovered it's not just the wording that's wrong but the design too. The problem is that I started from the designs I would have used if I'd made them by hand and translated that into photoshop. It doesn't translate well. Gadget also rightly mentioned that most people will be viewing our invite on a screen, so it needs to be designed to look good on a screen. That means landscape is better than portrait, and probably a purple background with white writing will be better than a white invite with purple writing. So it's back to the drawing board (aka the pinterest board), and start again when we're back from holiday.

I intend to do nothing wedding related in the next two weeks, so hopefully I'll be full of inspiration and motivation when I return!

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