Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When to honeymoon?

(Alternative post title - honeymoon vs mini-moon)

The obvious answer to the first question is after the wedding. But how soon after the wedding? I suspect many brides (and a fair few grooms) get a bit stressed in the run up to the wedding. Following a period of stress, it's not unusual to become unwell when you finally stop for a rest.

Gadget is quite good at doing this on normal holidays - he often gets a bad cold (or sometimes man flu!)  three days into our trip. This makes him feel tired and not want to do anything, and really changes the mood of the holiday. He's currently got man flu, so I'm hoping he'll have recovered by the end of next week when we go away!

So the question is how to avoid becoming unwell on honeymoon? My preferred answer is not to get stressed before the wedding, but I can't guarantee this (more on this in the next post). When I combine this question with the fact that we don't know what jobs we'll be doing next year and so can't request any holiday/leave until february (at the earliest), I reach an alternative answer - have a mini-moon.

Go somewhere luxurious but not too far away for a few days, and hopefully you won't become ill until you get back. Then, at a slightly later date, go on your "real" honeymoon. This has some obvious advantages around organising and funding the trip, but runs the risk of the honeymoon feeling like "just a holiday."

I'm thinking that honeymooning may be a state of mind rather than a luxury hotel/location though - any thoughts?

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