Monday, December 3, 2012

It's all happening! (both real life AND the wedding)

I have a job! Hooray! This is one big thing off the list of things I have to sort out/worry about. It means we can look for somewhere to live, a car and a job for Gadget - without a base that was all proving very difficult!

This weekend was also the anniversary of our engagement. We celebrated by going back to the Bay of Islands, and the kiwi sunshine came out to join the party. Yep, we've been engaged for 12 whole months, and the wedding is now less than 5 months away. The invites (evites) will be going out next week - I've already sent my parents some jpg files to print and post (for our less technical guests). It's all starting to seem very real - and very soon!

That means the wedding website had to be completely finished. I thought it was finished a few weeks ago, then my dad checked it for me - on his iPad. It was completely scrambled. Luckily it was relatively easy to fix, although our funny RSVP forms are not iPhone compatible, so they've had to be deleted from the mobile site. I'm planning to add a note to the email suggesting that people should visit the site on a real computer!

Although I have heard that people won't check the website and will just send me emails full of questions. Here's hoping that doesn't happen to all our guests...


Ashleigh More said...

YAY to the job!! We made our wedding website last night! It's the 3rd one we have tried and finally we are happy with it!! xox

H said...

Thanks! Which site did you use? I'm on my second but am a bit over it now so am just going with it (even though it doesn't work well on iPads).

Ashleigh More said...

We used this one it allows you to make it much more customised than the other ones, but the website address isn't as slick!

Haven't check what it looks like on a phone / tablet - eek!! Not changing it again though!!


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