Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Inviting approval?

It has happened - the invites are on their way out! I haven't sent all of them yet, but we've already had seven RSVPs - and a range of positive comments!

I'm pretty relieved about the comments - it was always going to be a risk sending e-vites, but we decided that it was a risk we were prepared to take. You can't please everyone, but  it seems you can please some people - even if you just do what is easiest for you. Several of the replies we've had have included comments about how much they liked the invite and website - some were friends, but one was an older relative - so hopefully we've not upset too many people!

I've also only had one failed delivery email, and my parents were able to provide an alternative address for that person. So now it's a case of watch this space, and hope none of them have been eaten by cyber-space or junk mail filters!


Ashleigh More said...

Ooh exciting :-) That makes it seem very real!!

I am itching to get our invites out but we are having a choice of food so need to wait until our menu tasting in January so we know what the choices are.


H said...

We're having a choice of food too but I'm using that as blackmail - i.e. if you don't RSVP, we won't send you a menu and then you'll be going hungry!

Ashleigh More said...

I'm hoping to do that as well :-)

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