Sunday, March 24, 2013

Delegating away the weeks!

The wedding is approaching rapidly - so rapidly that I have no idea where the time is going! My dad pointed out to me this morning that I haven't blogged since february 12th - oops!

It doesn't help that (as I predicted) I have had many other tasks to do as well. Applications for the job I want to do in August closed yesterday, our flat still isn't completely sorted (we still can't find things!), and apparently life still has to happen too! I'm even multi-tasking now - let's hope I don't burn our dinner whilst I type!

Many things have been crossed of the wedding to do list since I last wrote. The men now have complete outfits (including shirts - previously they were at high risk of having to wear suits only!) and my flower girls have shoes and cardigans. The RSVPs are all in, and so are the meal choices. We've done the table plan, practiced our first dance and ordered the fizz.

The key theme of the last few weeks has been delegation. I think I've done pretty well with this, but I guess that's open to interpretation! Gadget isn't working at the moment, so several fiddly and time-consuming tasks have been done by him. This includes the postcards for the table names, the poster/guest book, and a secret surprise project.

I didn't buy the girl's shoes, my soon to be sister-in-law did. The girls picked them, which means they absolutely love them (they have sparkly butterflies on so that's not really a surprise!), and I didn't have to do anything! My dad has finished the map we're using as the table plan, so I just have the title left to do. He's also doing signposts for the church parking.

My mum and godmother will be having a wine-fuelled craft evening for me, and my MOH is sorting out the bubbles we want to use instead of confetti.

None of the tasks completed so far have turned out exactly how I imagined them. Some are better, the rest are just different. But here's the point - IT DOESN'T MATTER! Everything looks fab, and most importantly it is done! None of the tasks I have delegated were on our priority list, but they all have to happen for the day to run smoothly. I can highly recommend delegating - it has made my life much easier!

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