Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm Back!

And I'm no longer upside down! My first post of 2013 is coming to you from the Northern Hemisphere - apparently it's pretty cold in the UK but we haven't made it quite that far yet. It was gloriously sunny, if a little chilly, in California today, where I have been shopping. Mostly not wedding related, but it's so nice to have real shops again!

I have bought two things for the wedding - primer (a nice radiating moisturising one, not a shine free one as I have such dry skin) and waterproof eyeliner in a blue slate colour. That's all the make up I'm planning to buy (except a new mascara which I need anyway), but we'll see how the first test run goes soon enough.

I have also sorted another thing for the wedding - my lovely friend who we're staying with here has agreed to do one of the readings. I'm very excited about this, particularly as she likes the reading we've chosen. Gadget has decided we have to buy her the book now (can't remember exactly but I think I've said that our reading is actually a children's story).

So things got a bit crazy just before we left our flat, and I didn't have time to schedule any posts to publish whilst we've been travelling. I' also completely out of date with my blog reading and have slightly lost track of the RSVPs, so I've definitely got some catching up to do! And really, I should get it in before monday because that is The Day of Wedding Planning. I'll tell you about it on tuesday (should have plenty of time to write a long post on the train to see the almost-in-laws).

We land in the UK on Saturday, and my Dress only has to make it on one more flight and a short train ride - although so far the dress has had more room than I have, and has even travelled first class! Thank you Qantas, you've been fantastic.

That's all for now...

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