Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What wedding plans?!

Well I have now been in Bristol, my new home city, working in my new job for 2 weeks - and nothing is really sorted! Everything is still everywhere (i.e. impossible to find) and we don't have a proper 'base.' Next week we move into our own flat, and I'm hoping things will get better soon after.

I'm trying to catch up with friends and family who I haven't seen for two years, and they all ask two questions. Are you enjoying being back, and how are  the wedding plans coming along?

I can't enjoy being back, because I haven't had time to realise that I am back! And wedding plans? What wedding plans?!

Apparently our wedding is 10 weeks away. I don't know this becasue I'm counting down, but because my (very excited) friend told me so yesterday. I'm guessing that now is the time that most brides go into planning overload, with table plans, RSVPs, order of service etc to finalise. I can only guess at this though, because I haven't even looked at my planning spreadsheet for two weeks. I can't access it at work (damn the NHS and their weird security ideas!) and we don't have wifi in our temporary flat. So I have very little idea what I'm supposed to be sorting out!

I have (hopefully) managed to get the critical things done. We have found our local church in Bristol and applied to have our Banns read there. (For none Church of England people, if you marry in church you don't go to the registrar's office to get a licence, the church does some odd historically based thing of announcing to the congregation that you're getting married. It has to be done where you live and where you are getting married, and takes a month to do.) So at the very least, our wedding should be legal. I haven't ordered the sparkling wine yet, so it might be a bit sober!

I have also discovered that I might have a job interview the same week as the wedding. Yes folks, three days before the Big Day I might have to talk someone into giving me the most important job of my career. That will really help my stress levels!

Luckily everyone has rallied round and offered to help - so when I can access that planning spreadsheet the first thing I need to do is delegate as many tasks as possible!


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