Sunday, June 17, 2012

How's the wedding plans coming along?

This seems to be the question I currently get asked the most. Not really surprising, and nice that family, friends and co-workers are interested (or are at least trying to seem interested!). But I've now reached the point where I'm having a hard time answering it - because it's kind of done.

Don't get me wrong, my to-do list still runs to several pages. What I mean is that there are very few things left on that list that are essential. We have to actually send the invites and meet with the vicar - and that's it. If nothing else gets done or decided on, we can manage. We've done enough to ensure we can be legally wed and have a party afterwards. Which is, surely, the whole point?

I'm determined to remember this every time I start thinking about the details. Avoid "Going Bridal," don't become Bridezilla and have fun. If the detail in question isn't fun, is too expensive or too stressful, then get rid of it.

I think I might make a deadline about a week before the wedding, when everything that isn't done gets deleted from the to-do list. All I'll be left with then is enjoying the run up to the big day - which sounds much better than "finalising centrepieces!"

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