Friday, June 1, 2012

Fancy dress outfit for my MOH

My MOH has bought a dress! Actually, she's been very efficient and has bought almost the whole outfit in one week. More things off the to-do list, yey!

Thanks to the wonder that is outlet shopping, she got a gorgeous dress and bargain shoes at the same time. I'm sure those if you that live near York, Cheshire Oaks, Bicester etc will agree that outlets rock!

The dress is Antonia by Phase Eight, and the shoes are high and sparkly (which they weren't going to be, but look how pretty they are!).

This is actually my MOH, and the photo was sent to me by her hubby. He titled the email 'fancy dress outfit' - hence the title of this post.

She also bought a hair comb (I can't get a decent picture on here), so now we just need some bling and we're done!

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