Sunday, June 10, 2012

Warmth over beauty

I am the kind of person who chooses being warm and comfortable over looking good. Luckily for me it runs in the family - J is exactly the same. So having an April wedding means we are going to need a way of keeping warm.

Originally I was planning to get pashminas - you can get cheap ones from the market in a whole range of colours. Then I saw these faux-fur numbers:
and read a post (which I now can't find) where the bride got purple faux fur stoles from Asos for £22. Cue google search for faux fur stoles (unsuccessful - maybe it's the wrong season?). 

Then I saw these: 

Images courtesy of the always inspiring lovemydress and rockmywedding.

Who doesn't love a woolly cardi? It would be warmer than a stole, but could still be worn indoors (unlike a jacket or coat) and wouldn't fall off your shoulders like a pashmina. Perfect! The hunt was on - and quickly won. River Island via Asos with a combination effort - a woolly cape/poncho - on sale at £12.50, bright blue with pompoms and a hood! Pictures soon...

EDIT: I probably should have said I bought two of these, so my MOH and I will match. No cold for us!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Yeah, I don't know why guys get to be wearing jackets all the time but we don't. Back when I thought my wedding might be in NZ, I was dreaming of a ladies' velvet tuxedo jacket. Awwww yeah. That pic with the woollen cardies looks so great though. You guys are gonna look awesome.

H said...

Oooh tuxedo jackets! Did not even think of that!

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