Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Dress - part 2

It took me about a month to recover from the first dress shopping day. I then had to start thinking clearly. I booked my friend for another dress day, and found two more places to try. One was on the North Shore and was hopeless. The next was in Newmarket and was recommended by a friend - Jenny's Bridal, who don't charge to try on on weekdays.

Jenny's had some gorgeous dresses, and the same pattern followed as before. I actually tried some strapless dresses, and was very relieved when they didn't suit me! The dresses that looked best were more detailed than I'd originally planned, but also they weren't ivory. Blush, antique gold and rich creams all looked much better - although that wasn't really a surprise to me.

My plan was to narrow things down before my parents came out to NZ. I could never buy a dress without my mum being there, and she was only here for 3 weeks. Due to everything we had planned, we had one day to find The Dress - so I needed to be organised!

Colour and cut were pretty much sorted, but I still didn't feel like I'd found the perfect dress. There was something not right, and it took me a while to identify it. What I was struggling with was this:
Images not credited as I feel that's unfair (each to their own remember), hence the odd cropping.

Nearly every wedding has as many pictures of the bride carrying her train as they do arty shots of the train spread out. Many of my friends have also had issues with the bustles on their dresses - meaning that they had to dance the night away with their dress over their arm. I did a quick opinion poll - it seems everyone loves a train. Except me.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, how many parts is this going to be? I want to see what you got!

I totally hear you on the train issue. You can't dance in them! But then I realised, that not everyone places as high a priority on dancing, and you know, walking, as I do.

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