Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Dress - part 3

It's just occurred to me that I should have written a trilogy in four parts - my dad would appreciate that (so would Gadget, except he doesn't read this!). Maybe I'll think of a final instalment later...

My parents arrived at the end of March, and the big shopping day was set for April 5th. I'd had a final blast of inspiration from rock my wedding, plus reassurance from Jenny that it's a good idea to take your time finding the perfect dress!

I took both of my parents shopping with me. Many people (Dad included!) have been shocked/appalled/baffled by the thought of my dad going dress shopping, but he was much more analytical and specific than my mum (as we knew he would be; she was more emotional). We went back to Jenny's and Jessica Bridal, and they liked the Jessica dresses but not the Jenny's ones. They could see why I was having problems with the train - and also why I'd decided against a veil (they look ridiculous on me). My dad also said that some of the dresses were wearing me, and not the other way around. There was one in particular that my friend and I loved, and my dad hated (the word used was "yuk"). Clearly not the reaction I wanted!

So we went back to the dressmaker where I'd tried on my very first dress, and she's going to make my dress. It's inspired by one of the Jessica dresses and a second anonymous dress, but takes details from several different dresses so will be totally unique. This is where my mum's talents came to the fore - she used to make dresses quite often, and actually made my gown for my university Leaver's Ball, so she was able to talk technically with my dressmaker about the details. I can't tell you about the second dress as it gives too much away, but it contains elements from both of my grandma's wedding dresses and was the closest I came to having "the moment."

Here's what I will tell you. It's cream, has straps, some lace, and no train. I couldn't show you a picture even if I wanted to, as there isn't any! I'm more than a bit nervous about ordering a dress that I've never seen, let alone tried on, but I'm trying to have faith! It was also very reasonably priced, especially for a custom made gown (the Jessica dress was nearly twice as much).

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