Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bridezilla? Try groomzilla!

I love that Gadget is involved with the wedding planning, and genuinely cares about the details of the day. But this week he has taken caring to a whole new level, from which the only sane option was rapid and complete RETREAT!

We don't plan in the same way, and are very aware of this. So whilst we are planning the wedding together, that does not literally mean we sit together researching the same topic. That inevitably leads to me getting annoyed with the length of time it takes him to make a decision (he's as bad with holidays, food etc.) and him then feeling pressured. I do my research (making almost instant 'no' or 'maybe' decisions) and present him with my results. He then goes away and does his research, spends ages thinking, and then comes back to me with his opinion/decision. Then we jointly agree on the decision, and one of us carries it out.

I mentioned earlier that we've been struggling to find blue and purple ties. My parents went shopping this week and found some, so they emailed us photos. The photos don't represent the colours accurately, and Gadget can't cope with this. Add to this that fact that the Thomas Pink website is still on dial-up speed, and his research becomes difficult.

He is very concerned with how the ties will look in photos, and that the outfits mustn't look "cluttered." You'll have to take my word for it when I say there is no chance of that - his idea of cluttered is most people's idea of fairly plain. I suspect he will end up waiting until he can see the ties for himself, which means January at the earliest.

I belong to the "decision made, job done, one less thing to think about" school of planning. There's already too much stuff that has to wait until January. I would have told my Dad to buy four ties, and happily crossed it off the to-do list. Instead I got a headache listening to Gadget's concerns about the size of the pattern and how it wouldn't look right if there was any other shade/colour on the tie.

So choosing ties has come off my to-do list, and onto his. I am having nothing more to do with it (Dad please take note all future emails go to his inbox!) apart from setting the budget. I feel better already!


Ainhoa @ALittleBite said...

I'm also on the "decision made, job done, one less thing to think about" camp! My bf is more like "eh, we still have time to do things slowly". He's been invaluable in planning though! I'm the more organized type and love planning events so I figure out what stuff we need to do and when, and then we either split the tasks or do them together. Works for us.

H said...

Yup he definitely thinks we have ages - which we do now but there is so much to do when we get back to the uk that it will still end up being rushed if we're not careful!

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