Thursday, July 12, 2012

Get out of my swimming pool!

Seriously. If you want to swim in it, that's fine. But if your idea of swimming involves large amounts of splashing and generally looking like you're drowning, or worse still standing in the shallow section talking, then GET OUT!! You are interfering with my plan to get (wedding day) fit.

We are very lucky living in Auckland. Most apartment blocks have a pool in them, and ours has big glass panels which allow you to look at the bright blue sky as you swim. Mostly there's no one else in it, and it's free - bonus.

Which just means when it is full of idiots (as it was when I went down today), I get a bit annoyed. I actually turned round and came back again this morning, it was so bad.

Luckily two hours later there was only one drowning person, and two chatters. I suppose I can deal with that.

Not that my w-day fitness plan is exactly on track. I did well for the two weeks of gym membership, but I've been tired and headachy recently (I need a holiday) which has given me the perfect excuse not to exercise. Until my mum pointed out that I'll be picking up my dress at the beginning of december, so I can't lose any weight after november. That changes the timescale slightly!

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