Friday, July 20, 2012


I have a complicated relationship with my hair. Mainly it annoys me; it won't do what I tell it to, it's so fine it can't be longer than my shoulders, it likes to fly off in all directions, it's very dry (so is my scalp) and also a mousy brown boring colour. For years I've gone through cycles with my hair, and whenever I'm in need of cheering up, I tend to have something reasonably dramatic done to my hair.

This has (almost always) worked because I have a great hairdresser. Urban Angels in Selly Oak, Birmingham have been doing my hair for years (throughout two previous salon locations and names). I go in, ask for something a "bit different," they suggest something and it looks fab.

For quite a long time I had an angled, shaped bob with red and blonde streaks. Then I moved to NZ, and discovered hairdressers are expensive and if you don't know them it helps to know what you want! I've currently got a classic bob with subtle blonde highlights - and I am bored. 

It's definitely time for a change, but if I do something that doesn't work how long will it take to sort out before the wedding? I want my hair to look something like this on the day (obviously I'm pinning ideas regularly, but this is the favourite). It may take some work, but it may not - curls sit well in my hair as they add volume and hide frizz! I was going to have a DIY practice before the real trial next year, but it turns out I can't curl my hair with straighteners so currently that's not an option.

Maybe I'll just add the fringe (bangs for those of you reading this Stateside) and some red for the moment? Or maybe this is my last chance to go crazy and still have enough time to fix any problems?!

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