Monday, July 16, 2012

A little philosophical

Today is four years since Gadget and I met. It's the last time this day is important, as this time next year we'll be married! So I'm feeling a bit philosophical today, and wondering how our relationship will change after the wedding.

I'd like to think it won't, but that feels very naive. It's going to change massively in the next year even without the wedding, as we'll be moving back to the UK and hopefully buying a house. I can sort of imagine how that will change things, but I can't work out how being husband and wife will be different.

Maybe I'll just have to wait and see, and be prepared for whatever happens?

On the thoughts of maybe, I found this online and thought it was fabulous. Can't find out who wrote it though.


Maybe we are supposed to meet the wrong people before we meet the right one so when they finally arrive we are truly grateful for the gift we have been given.
Maybe its true that we don’t know what we have lost until we lose it but it is also true that we don’t know what we’re missing until it arrives.
Maybe the happiest of people don’t have the best of everything, but make the best of everything that comes their way.
Maybe the best kind of love is the kind where you sit on the sofa together, not saying a word, and walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you ever had.
Maybe once in a lifetime you find someone who not only touches your heart but also your soul, someone who loves you for who you are and not what you could be.
Maybe the art of true love is not about finding the perfect person, but about seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

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