Monday, July 9, 2012

Outfits for the boys

I'm going to have two page boys at the wedding - not because page boys are essential, but because the two boys are an important part of my life, and I wanted to recognise that at the wedding. It gives me a chance to look at some really cute outfits though - I've got ideas about waistcoat and trouser suits from next, with ties to match the men, and maybe sneakers instead of proper shoes. Something like this:

Image from Andrew Scott Clarke via love my dress
How cute is the little one on the right with the bright blue shoes?! It seems that a lot of places don't do suits for 2 year olds though, or if they do they're not the same as the older boys' suits. I've managed to find a lilac shirt/grey waistcoat/trouser combo for £34 from Next, or Matalan have grey suits for £30-£35 that start from age/size 18months (check them out on Pinterest). I also love the ideas on this blog, written by a fellow North Yorkshire bride.

The eldest will be happy as long as he's wearing the same as his heroes - his Uncle G (my dad), Gagdet and his Daddy. The little one will be happy as long as he gets to copy his big brother. I'm sure the clothes will end up less-than-clean/almost ruined (especially if we ask the Lodge to put the football nets up!), so I'm not prepared to spend a fortune. I feel a visit to the Next Clearance shop may be in order!

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