Monday, April 23, 2012

Do me a favour

Or don't. What is the point of favours? I have no idea. Something for your guests to remember the day by? The last time I checked they had memories and cameras. Something to make the tables look pretty? Don't get me started on that.

I know what they end up being - something that can cost quite a bit and either gets left on the table or forgotten about at home. There are arguments against both of these.

Favours don't have to be expensive - true. But if they're so cheap they haven't made any impact on your budget (please remember you need 50 or 100 of them), will anyone really want them? The other argument is to make them edible, then they're not wasted. Also true - but some people will still forget them and others will take them home and forget to eat them. They're not going to get eaten on the day, because hopefully you've given your guests enough to eat.

So we will not be having them. That's one less thing on the to-do list.

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