Friday, April 20, 2012

Venue short list

The top venues ended up being:

  1. Mansion House, York. Absolutely stunning building, with very helpful staff who replied to all my ridiculous emails. You can't have a DJ in the house itself, but you can use the Guildhall behind for your evening do. Outside caterers, but you can choose your own or use their preferred ones. Our second choice venue.
  2. Air Museum, Elvington. Thinking outside the box. Also very helpful by email. This only slid down the list because it was hard to imagine what space we would be able to use, and how it would actually work for us. A time when being present would have been helpful!
  3. Villa Farm, Wigginton. Again lovely emails. They have a series of cottages you/your guests can stay in, but we couldn't find an indoor space that would work for our meal, and would have ended up with a marquee.
  4. Thirteen Thirty One, York. Art deco style venue with its own cinema. Good prices, good size, flexible about what we wanted. Unfortunately they changed the date of their open day, but Inspector Gadget wasn't as keen on the decor as I was anyway. 
  5. The Stone Trough Inn, Kirkham Abbey. Looked nice from the website, but unfortunately follow up emails never arrived. Would also have given us transport/accommodation issues. 

and the winner?

By miles and miles, The Old Lodge in Malton. It's gorgeous, quirky, has parking, rooms, award winning food, is 25 minutes from the church, and is reasonably priced. It was no contest really - which made for an easy decision (after only one venue viewing - thanks 'rents!). Pictures soon...

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Sounds like an excellent venue Heather.


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