Saturday, April 28, 2012

Please save the date!

The need for Save the Date cards is quite recent. Never have we led such crazy lives where 6-8 weeks notice is nowhere near enough time to arrange to attend a wedding! But have you seen the price of them?

Let's be honest here, almost everyone that will get a save the date card actually already knows the date. The few people that don't know haven't had chance to speak to us because we are in NZ. If we were in the UK and actually seeing/speaking to all our friends more often, everyone would know. So why do they need a fridge magnet/handkerchief/uniquely designed letter press card?

A quick google search finds save the date cards from 35p. 100 postcards start from 17p each. Magnets are over £3 each. Doesn't sound a lot? We have a fairly small guest list, and will be sending around 25 save the dates. So we could get double sided postcards for under £10, if we were prepared to use the slightly dodgy looking website software to DIY them. Actual cards would be about £16 plus p+p (with, who I've used before and would trust). And magnets would be nearly £80!!

Then you have to post them. Even second class, that adds £9 currently and £12.50 after april. (must remember to get mum to buy stamps before then!) So at the lowest possible price, it's almost £20, and at the highest its nearer £100. I certainly have better things to spend £100 on, and I even have better things to spend £20 on. New eyeliner or save the dates? Hmmm...

Luckily, I recently discovered photoshop. I've designed our save the dates using a fab photo taken by my dad. They'll be going out by email. Bring on the new eyeliner!

If you aren't an avid photoshopper, you could still send free save the dates. Find a friend that can do it, and ask them to give you it as a wedding present/favour. Powerpoint can do some pretty good stuff, and most people have access to that at work. Some websites are now helping brides create evites, such as this kiwi site.  It's also more environmentally friendly.

And if Granny really wants one (which she probably won't as she'll already know the date and may not have realised that save the dates are now considered essential), just print one out and give it to her.

Oh, do you want to see them?

Check out the penguins! (thanks to - awesome free downloadable fonts)

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