Sunday, April 22, 2012

The ring is in hand!

Not my hand unfortunately, but the next best thing. Inspector Gadget has it.

I know I posted a picture of the ring days ago, but that was taken in the jewellers. I don't actually have the ring on my finger (still). To save the 15% GST (=VAT), they have a system here where you can collect things at the airport as you fly out. Gadget is going to Sydney today for work (it's a hard life).

We got engaged on December 3rd. I finally ordered the ring on February 9th. We booked our reception on February 18th, and have now booked all the "big" things. The trip to Sydney was meant to be March, and kept getting delayed. We couldn't give the jeweller a definite time frame.

Gadget gets back in the early hours of Thursday morning. On Friday it will be one year before our wedding. I will not be wearing the ring until Friday - it cheesily feels like that's how it was meant to be.

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