Sunday, April 22, 2012

Not a blog-worthy wedding? Sounds good to me!

When I started reading wedding blogs, they were just eye candy. A place to steal ideas, and exclaim over how pretty/cool something is. Which is of course what they were designed for.

Then I realised that anyone can submit their wedding to be published on a blog. Just find the right one (i.e. one that publishes weddings of a similar style to yours), make sure you discuss it with and credit your photographer, and your photos can be out there for everyone to see. Wedding blogs stopped being inspiration, and started becoming ambition.

Then I read this post, and listened to Christie talk about this letter on her podcast. I realised I needed to wake up.

"Publish wedding" was not on our priority list. It wasn't even one of the things that is important, but not actually a priority (like NZ wine, for example).

To have a "blog-worthy" wedding, you have to focus on the details. It has to be superficially pretty, because that's what most blogs are looking for. It doesn't matter if you have a fantastic day that really reflects your personalities, if your centrepieces aren't up to scratch you won't get published.

There are a few "niche" blogs that don't follow this rule, and actually focus on the story of the wedding and its planning. Whilst I'm still reading a couple of "pretty" blogs (lovemydress and rockmywedding), my favourites are content based Rogue Bride and 2000 dollar wedding.

I doubt that my wedding will be "blog-worthy," and I'm completely fine with that. In fact, I'm started to get excited about it. It leaves me free to focus on the atmosphere of the wedding, rather than the aesthetics. And that is in our priorities.

Note: I realise by writing this blog I have cheated the system slightly. But this is not a pretty blog, and my point stands. And rockmywedding just published this - still pretty but with awesome people pics.

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