Monday, April 16, 2012

Upside down blogging

When I started planning my wedding I had no intention of writing a blog. But the more I get into the whole wedding planning thing, and the more wedding blogs I read, the more I want to let people know how the planning is going! I have also found a lack of information about planning a wedding from overseas. There is information on destination weddings, but I don't really fit into this category. So I thought I'd write down any problems and solutions, and either no one (except maybe my nearest and dearest) will read them, or someday someone might find it helpful! I'm actually a couple of months into the process, so some posts will be retrospective.
NOTE: I tend to chatter incessantly (yes, dear friends, I do know that I talk too much). I may write quote a lot. Consider yourself warned!

A brief introduction...

We currently live in New Zealand, and have been here for a year. We love to travel (it's how we got together), and always wanted to work abroad, so when an opportunity came up we grabbed it. NZ is a beautiful country, and we've been exploring of much of it as possible. We'll be heading back to the UK some time after Christmas, probably via the USA.

It's also the first time we've properly lived together - that gave us a few challenges! However, we'd got safely past those when Inspector Gadget proposed. Down on one knee, on a private beach in the Bay of Islands - with an iPod nano!
My engagement iPod!

Waiting for our parents to be on Skype so that we could tell them was really hard, but finally the news was out - bring on the wedding planning...

H x

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