Monday, May 21, 2012

Bridesmaid/MOH dress

J has ordered a dress, but unfortunately it is not the dress. It is too big for her (she is skinny; always has been, but now she has two small boys that eat all her food and never sit still) and not in a way that can be altered, but I thought I'd show you a picture anyway as it's gorgeous. More gorgeous dresses can be found on my Pinterest board.
Hobbs, on sale at £79

So Mum and J are planning a shopping trip to London. Whilst this sounds fancy, it's what we do given the slightest opportunity (graduations, 21st birthdays etc) and my parents have a flat in London so with cheap train tickets it's not a big expense. It also means they don't have to take the boys with them, so they get a relaxing girly shopping day!

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