Monday, May 7, 2012

If you're not Bridezilla, you might not be believed!

I am trying to remain calm about all things wedding, and so far I think I'm succeeding. This means I'm not stressing about details that don't really matter, and am leaving a lot of decisions to other people. (I'm a long way away, if I want to see everything it's going to be a bit tricky!)

These other people do not seem to completely believe me. I wonder if they think I might turn into Bridezilla in January and make them change everything, or if it's just too weird that I don't mind. Gadget thinks it is probably that they need limits within which they can make their choices, and maybe I haven't made them clear enough.

Gadget is one of the people who didn't believe me. I said he should wear whatever (suit) he feels comfortable in, and if he doesn't match the other men that's fine. He was very sceptical, but then we found this photo and he understood what I meant.

Image: Stephanie James blog

My MOH and my mum went dress shopping at the weekend (dress news to follow). The dress was ok - knee length and dairy milk purple were specific enough limits. Then J found a hair comb she liked - but didn't want to buy until I decide what we're doing hair wise! (FYI, I have fine hair in a bob, and she has long thick hair.) I've told my mum to buy it - I will not be deciding on J's hair, she will, so if she likes that comb, it's job done!

The bonus of the disbelief is that I get to be involved in the process, which is really nice, and the comb is fab!
Apologies for the poor quality, the Debenhams website won't let you lift their pictures. See the real thing here.
In summary - if you're going to be a laid back bride, ENJOY IT and accept that you may make a few people uneasy!

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