Tuesday, May 8, 2012

W-day fitness kick started!

I appear to have unwittingly signed up for my own version of Bridal Bootcamp. I've joined the gym on a two week trial (I have no intention of joining properly, but the trial only costs NZ$14 which is £7).

This is not just any gym. It is, quite possibly, the king of gyms. I've joined Les Mills in their home city of Auckland.

For those of you that don't know, Les Mills create all those "body" classes (BodyCombat, BodyPump, BodyAttack etc). They think 30 people in a class is small, they prefer 100. I am slightly in awe - I've never seen a gym like it, and now I understand why Gadget wanted to join (he's been a member for a year).

There are rows and rows of machines, which have iPod docks so you can listen to/watch your fave podcast and also record your workout. The studio is like a disco, with coloured lights and pumping music - but it's carpeted. The changing rooms are enormous, and have more hairdryers and GHDs than my hairdressers. They also have a coffee bar (this is NZ people!) and apple macs for members to use.

So I am determined to get the most out of the next two weeks. So far I've done BodyCombat (recommended for brides, great fitness with serious arm workout/toning), cross training (to the latest Hindsight Bride podcast) and yoga. I don't normally like yoga, as I leave feeling like I haven't exerted myself, but after this class I hurt - everywhere. Plans for the week include BodyBalance, a yoga-pilates combo, and core conditioning (which may kill me as I have no core strength). I might even weigh myself at the end...

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