Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Colour Me bold, bright and beautiful please

I've just realised I've forgotten to do a post on the colours we've picked for our wedding. The reminder was prompted by a big Etsy search for fabulous coloured ties (what else is a girl to do when she's at work and there's no work to do?), and then seeing Rogue Bride's brightly coloured home-made card box.

I am a big fan of colour. I don't own a little black dress, I own a red one and a purple one. I always knew I was going to have coloured stones in my engagement ring. Pastels and neutrals just don't do it for me - unless you're painting a house, then they're ok. As long as there's colour elsewhere in the room...

So you've probably gathered by now that bright, bold colours will be the order of the day. Gadget would never go for a rainbow effect, so we had to stick to two colours. Initially he thought even two might be too much, and was leaning towards having only one colour. That would mean ending up with shades of one colour, which wouldn't give the contrast I was imagining. I found a load of pictures, and persuaded him that two colours would work.

So we're having his favourite colour - blue, and mine - purple. In deep, rich shades - think Dairy Milk purple wrapping and vivid Royal blue. Something like this:
We'll include colour in all the usual places, plus a few more for good measure!


Anonymous said...

This looks good! I'm lookling forward to seeing the whole thing come together.

H said...

Thanks, me too!

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