Friday, May 18, 2012

This Pinterest lark - and cake!

So I have finally got myself on Pinterest, and hopefully there is a nice little follow button now on the blog. Problem is I have no idea how to share my boards with anyone, either on here or via email to my mum. I've invited my mum to join Pinterest, but as she doesn't have Facebook or twitter that might not happen.

So if you want to see my cake ideas, look at my Pinterest board. Cake is a fairly easy decision for me - my mum makes wedding cakes (as well as seriously awesome birthday cakes, we were spoilt as kids!) and so not only do I get a (pretty much) free cake, I can have whatever I want. Within reason, mum, I know!

Gadget has been winding her up about having a 38 layer cake with pavlova as the bottom layer. Mum has actually been in tears several times laughing at him. When I managed to find a moment of seriousness in the midst of the ridicule, we have decided on a four tier cake (three for us and one for my dad who is gluten free). Fruit cake base (WARNING: do not drive after eating my mum's fruit cake), then GF fruit cake (dad's choice) then chocolate then lemon. Something for everyone there I hope.

Decoration was a harder decision, although we've finally got there. I want the tiers stacked directly (no pillars or stands), and have an idea about blue ribbon and purple flowers. It's traditional/common in the UK for the cake flowers to match the bride's bouquet, but that's not going to work for us (see flower post). So we have free reign to create a thing of colour and beauty...

When I showed gadget the original pins, he was definitely underwhelmed. As I've mentioned, we're not big on flowers. So we set about finding an alternative, and have decided on a compromise. I'm not revealing all the details until the big day, but we are going to have a lego cake topper!


Ainhoa @ALittleBite said...

A lego cake topper sounds awesome! I used one for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary cake and it was great.
Also, tell your mom that you don't need FB/Twitter to have a Pinterest account (or at least you didn't a year ago). I still don't have my Pinterest linked to Twitter nor Facebook.

H said...

I will look into that - I thought I saw somewhere that you needed one or the other, but maybe I imagined it! Gadget is very excited about having Lego on the wedding cake, just have to find one now (uk lego store has sold out!).

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