Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hold the front page - Gadget has made some decisions!

I mentioned yesterday that we've decided on the wedding cake. We need to find a few things (like a lego cake topper), but the choice is made. That's actually the second decision Gadget has made this week, and he almost managed a third (but that was too much for one week!).

He has decided to wear fun, coloured socks for the wedding instead of boring black ones. He doesn't own any coloured socks, so at least this will be something different for him. Hopefully we'll get some funny photos - have a look at the top left and bottom right photos.
Images from rockmywedding's recent fab groomswear article.

He also started looking into photo sharing sites. We LOVE photos, and are of the view that the more you have, the better the chances are of some of them being good. We want to add our guests photos to those of our photographer, which means getting digital files from everyone. We use Picassa for showing photos to friends and family, but apparently this may not be the best method for the wedding photos. Before anyone suggests Facebook, I'm going to tell you that we hardly ever put photos on there as they compress and downgrade the image to the point where it's unusable. 

It appears that there is currently no perfect answer. Flickr is good for uploading but not downloading, dropbox is good for both but has limited storage capacity unless you pay for it, etc. He tells me there are couple of new things around, such as Google Drive, so he's waiting to see how they pan out. In his own words, he's "decided not to decide yet!"


Ainhoa @ALittleBite said...

We'd also love to have our guests' photos but no idea how to do it! I look forward to seeing what you guys end up with.

H said...

I'll let you know when he figures it out!

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