Friday, May 25, 2012

That old rhyme

One of the traditions I'm keen to keep is the well-known Victorian rhyme. Like many brides, I will be leaving out the "silver sixpence in her shoe" part, but the rest of it is sorted.
  • Something old - a symbol of continuity within the bride's family - I will be carrying my great-grandmother Nain's engagement ring down the aisle sewn on to my bouquet. The bonus of this is that I will also be carrying a piece of my Welsh heritage, which I am quite proud of (have you seen them play rugby recently?!).
  • Something new - good luck and hope for the future - the dress of course.
  • Something borrowed - represents the support of family and friends, and should come from a happily married woman to bring some of that happiness into the new marriage - I will be wearing my Grandma's earrings. She and my Grandad have been married for almost 67 years (they even have a telegram from the Queen!).
  • Something blue - faithfulness, purity and loyalty - I have blue rhinestone "I do" stickers for my shoes, but will also be sporting blue toenail varnish (in honour of my other Grandad who passed away when I was 17).
Although the underside of my shoes is black, not pink. A bargain piece of 'tradition' at just £3 - which means I can throw the whole garter idea out the window! (I am sure it will just annoy me, and I don't see the point.)

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