Friday, May 4, 2012

Budget details

So this is how my budget breaks down. Some of these costs are fairly certain (photography, brides outfit) and some are guestimates (everyone else's outfits). I'm not including our honeymoon in this, as we'd have gone on holiday anyway. I'm also not including much for Gadget's suit. I think he's going to buy one, and as he'll need to do that anyway I have justified excluding it from the wedding budget.

Instead of showing you actual numbers (e.g. how much my dress costs), I thought it would be interesting to look at categories as a percentage of the total.

Points of info: Reception includes food (canap├ęs, meal, buffet), drinks (champagne, wine, soft drinks) and DJ, they provide all staff and equipment including a venue coordinator. Mens clothes includes groom, best man, fathers and two page boys. Hair and make-up is for three people, Gifts are for the children, accommodation is just for us.

For our wedding the reception cost is almost half of the total, but it covers a lot of things, and includes most of our priorities.

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