Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Etiquette police!

More nonsense from the WIC, this time Brides magazine. I'd just like to point out that these all come from old issues, as I don't buy wedding magazines, I borrow them from the library. (Wow, that makes me sound like a real budget bride!)

Q: My wedding planner says hats are a no-no after five, and our wedding's at six. I really wanted to wear a fabulous hat like those at the royal wedding. Can I?
A: A wide brimmed hat will be out of place at an evening wedding, wear a fascinator.
Truth: You're the bride. If you want a hat, wear one. But maybe tell your guests what the plan is.

Q: Is it okay to give favours only to the ladies?
A: They're a thank you gesture to all your guests, so no, find something that works for everyone.
Truth: Nothing works for everyone, as discussed previously. If you want to give something to just the ladies, do so. A true thank you is more than just a gesture, so if you really want to thank people you need to tell them.

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