Saturday, May 12, 2012

The quest for beauty

I just read this awesome sentence on Sara's blogMy beauty radiated out of me; it was not applied to me. She's talking about the ideal things to think when you look at your wedding photographs.

From the beginning, I didn't see the point of having my make up done professionally. It's not something I would ever consider for any other occasion, so why now? The thought of it makes me feel quite uncomfortable. My mum initially seemed to think it was a good idea, but she has quickly (and entirely on her own) changed her mind. So we'll be doing our own.

I want to look like me at my best. Generally I think I look fairly ok on a friday night out with just a bit of make up on, so my plan is to perfect that look.

I'm no make up expert, so I'll be searching the internet for tips, going to make up counters and studying you tube videos. So far I have decided I need to buy two products - a primer to keep my foundation on all day, and waterproof eyeliner (I love eyeliner but my current ones are bound to end up on my cheeks). I was going to get a new lippy, but I think I'm just going to use my favourite Ruby & Millie one.

I will be going to the hairdresser though, and taking my mum and J with me. I love having my hair done, and as it generally has it's own idea of what its meant to look like, I need a pro to make it behave. J can have whatever she likes done to her hair - we're going together to have a fun, girly experience, not to look like clones. We might take some champers with us. My mum lives in a small village and uses the local hairdresser, and I used to go to there as a teenager. So that's where we're going.

If you keep the decisions simple they're way less stressful!

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