Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The common sense fairy

Another fab thought from 'How I planned your wedding' today. Susan (the mum) recommends staying in touch with your common sense fairy. This fairy is your inner antidote to the WIC; the voice in your head who has stopped you doing crazy things all your life.

You will need her now like you've never needed her before. She'll make you realise that giant centrepieces are not the point of the day, and that guests are not going to notice (much less remember) the tablecloths. They are going to notice a lack of food, or remember if they had a great time dancing.

So we've got neatly back to my favourite topic of priorities. Work out what you remember enjoying from other weddings, look at your guests and what they will enjoy, and work out what is important to you. Then take everything else and either get rid of it completely, or just go with the easy/cheap option. Because your common sense fairy is telling you that a wedding is a wedding, regardless of these things, and she's right - it's just that she's commonly ignored when it comes to weddings.

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