Sunday, May 27, 2012

Suited and (kind of) booted!

Gadget really is on a roll - after last weeks decisions, he then suggested we should go and look at suits last weekend. Suits, like many things, are expensive in NZ with a limited range. The plan was just to try some and see what cut, colour and size he wanted. Then we discovered that made-to-measure suits here are actually about the same price as in the UK.

This whole process was started by this blog post. I emailed it to Gadget, and he actually read the whole thing. Then he read this one, and then he actually started looking at made-to-measure suits. Turns out that they're not that much more than a decent ready-made suit (Gadget liked the Ted Baker 'slick rick' which are £390).

Made-to-measure is about half way between off-the-peg and bespoke tailoring. There is a more limited selection of options, and you only have one fitting, not six. But if you are half way between two standard sizes, they make it in exactly your size. Guess who's halfway between?

Gadget doesn't make decisions on a whim, he likes to have all the information available. By Friday he had enough information to suggest that we needed to go shopping on Saturday. The decision process was sped up by the discovery that Rembrandt, one of the made-to-measure options, were offering a free second pair of trousers until the end of May.

We spent a quite a long time in Rembrandt in Sylvia Park on Saturday - but we've ordered a suit! Charcoal grey merino wool (very NZ) with faint pinstripes, slim fit with a ticket pocket. There were a lot more options than that, and I was impressed he managed to get through them all. It will be ready in about six weeks, and cost NZ$945 (about £470).

Other accessories are a work in progress, and he's not wearing boots but a very nice pair of shoes - which he already owns.

This do list is shrinking rapidly!

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Ainhoa @ALittleBite said...

That is awesome! I can't get over how much suits cost, and getting a made-to-measure one seems like a better deal.

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