Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Honeymoon headache

Given that the title of this blog is bride around the world, and my "about me" piece says I'm a travel junkie, you're probably wondering why there's no travel posts on my blog. There is only one reason - I've managed to get enough wedding stuff sorted to blog about it, whilst the honeymoon planning has barely got off the ground.

An amazing honeymoon is on our priority list. For us it is one of the most important parts of the wedding. The problem is we can't work out what exactly makes it a honeymoon.

I know this might sound silly - a honeymoon is the holiday you take after the wedding. Whilst this is basically true, it also fulfils another purpose. It should allow you to relax and enjoy the start of your married life, and it should also be a trip to remember. That's where we got stuck.

We travel a lot - last year we had 2 one week holidays, a two week one, a three week one and several long weekends. We are also active relaxers - we're not good at doing nothing, if there's something to see or do we're there. We don't like staying in one place, we'd rather see the country and really experience it.  So what can we do to make this trip stand out from all the others?

We tried the big picture approach that we used for the wedding. It was much more difficult, as we approached it from opposite angles. We agreed that we didn't want to move about as much as we do normally (it's unusual for us to spend 3 nights in the same place), and we didn't want a tightly packed itinerary. I think we also agreed on "somewhere that would be warm and dry in May." That's where the agreement ended.

Gadget was trying to work out what activity we would enjoy, and then find the best place in the world to do it (e.g. we could scuba dive, where is the best dive site?). I wanted to find an amazing country that was small enough to see in two weeks, so that it became a 'once in a lifetime' visit, not somewhere we would go back to. I also wanted to avoid traditional honeymoon destinations; I don't want to spend our honeymoon with other honeymooners, or in the same place all my friends went. I don't really know why, but I don't.

Ruling out all the usual suspects, places we've already been, anywhere that has monsoons/cyclones in May plus countries too big to see in two weeks doesn't leave much. Hence the headache.

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